Three Sheep

Three Sheep is a creative studio in los angeles founded by nicole choy and justin coates. Our output extends into diverse means and methods to thoughtfully consider objects and space.

Unfaithful to genre or style, our visual language is globally-inspired. We are dreaming travelers, curious learners, and impassioned translators of materials, textures, gestures and histories of places near and far. our relationship to space is holistic, layered and nuanced. From single, idiosyncratic detail to the larger architectural environment and its geography, we seek to honor the quiet poetry that comes by way of a lived-in warmth that ages elementally.

This aesthetic spirit best materializes when done in partnership with our clients. Each project provides the opportunity to foster a shared vision in creating an intimate response to site and context. Exactingly crafted, deeply considered, and imbued with playful intuition, our work honors the daily rituals of living.